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View over the rooftops of St. Ives

from the Tate Café

I came to St. Ives in 1987, after working for one year in London, and straight away was inspired by the abundance of creativity here.

I quickly started to draw and paint myself, which eventually led me to study for a BTEC in Art & Design, followed by a degree in Visual Culture from Falmouth University. This degree  course meant no more painting - now it was all about critically analysing anything visual, which doubled up nicely as a degree in English. Killing two birds with one stone, as they say. Since graduating I have worked in Education, the Arts sector, in Graphic Design and in Communications, until taking the plunge and becoming self-employed in 2005.


I am originally from Wuppertal, Germany.


Living by the sea in St Ives, Cornwall

'Life in the UK' - since 1986. Tried-and-tested. 

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