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Your Language School by the Sea


German,play &


Gull Gull Gull Gull Gull

Book for 4 people. You get to speak - a lot. Speaking & doing is best.

Learn about the most pressing topics the world faces today!

Discuss, debate, explore and get to grips with the language.

Look at the information that's out there: internet, printmedia & let's talk!

Complemented by practical explorations and 'learning by doing' sessions.  



PCs and the internet, newspapers, magazines, beaches & the great outdoors, arts & crafts, restaurants, shops, packaging waste and many more...

Topics covered:

1) Drowning in Plastic. 2) Global Warming. 3) Population Growth & Consumption. 4) The Business Growth Mantra. 5) Possible Solutions - or are they?

What you get:

Group workshop - one week 5 x 3 hours - runs from 3 learners £250/pp

Conversation is key here - we look at information in the media (on and offline) and look at the way different countries deal with the problems of climate change and the threat that plastic waste is causing to our natural environment. Living by the sea makes this a great way to connect taught content with the place, the time and the people. This is a topic that is very close to my heart and that I know inside out, with experiences gained in Germany, France and the UK.

Some of the things you'll be doing when 'learning by doing':

create an Instagram post, create a petition, write to your MP, go shell seeking & beach cleaning and enjoy the beautiful Cornish countryside, go shopping in the supermarket and look at the packaging, look at local take aways and restaurants and their practices, create something beautiful from scrap/waste, make an ecobrick and look at the possibilites, und vieles mehr ...

Eco Sommer Kurs - das Thema unserer Zeit!

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