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Your Language School by the Sea



& holiday


Small groups of 3-4 ensures you get to speak, lots. Speaking & doing is best.

Learn faster while doing something practical: e.g. draw or create something, or let's teach each other how to cook our favourite meal!

Let's venture outdoors, visit galleries or famous sights; let's explore and get to grips with the language.

We look at things in our daily lives: TV, internet, the papers, pubs, restaurants, shops. Let's get talking!




PCs and the internet, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, beaches & the great outdoors, arts & crafts, restaurants, shops, shopping, eating in and out and much more...


Taken down the barriers: lose your inhibition to speak and use your new words with more confidence. Learn colloquial phrases. Free your mind. Blow away the cobwebs!!!

What you get:

Group workshop - one week 5 x 3 hours - runs from 3 learners £250/pp

Conversation is key here and living by the sea makes this a great way to connect taught content with the place, the time and the people. This is a very sociable course based on learning by doing and sharing experiences - all done in the most beautiful and safe environment.

English Workshops - working at it, together, doing stuff!

To suit your business & staff or a group of friends...